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Arizona Region Website

The official website for the Arizona Region. Find information about all of the USA Volleyball programs available in our region.

Arizona Region Tournaments Page

Use this site to see all of the tournament schedules and to find specific tournament information.


Use this link to access the WebPoint website, used for USA Volleyball membership. Staff members: to download your team roster for tournament check-in, login to your WebPoint file and select MY ROSTERS from the tab options across the top of the page. You will see a link for the most recent roster(s) for your team(s).

USA Volleyball

The official website for USA Volleyball.

Sanderson & DuBois MOMENTUM Physical Therapy

Shawn Cole, who trains our travel teams, is a physical therapist at Momentum. Shawn, along with Mike DuBois has been involved with Zona for over 10 years. They incorporate core strength, balance, agility, mobility/flexibility, and speed exercises that are specific to volleyball into our workouts. The goal is to increase productivity and decrease injury for our athletes. We highly recommend Momentum PT for our athletes who need physical therapy or who want personal training.