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Fry's Community Rewards Program

By Michelle, 07/20/16, 1:45PM MST


To those who are currently participating OR those who want to start participating, the renewal date for the Fry's Community Rewards Program is August 1st.  

To Re-Enroll:

  1. Go to Fry's Community Rewards
  2. Click on "Sign In"
  3. Enter your email and password, click on "sign in"
  4. Click on your name in the top right corner, the under the "Account Summary" scroll down to "Community Rewards"
  5. Clic "Edit" under Community Rewards
  6. Enter "Zona Volleyball Club"
  7. Under "Select Your Organization" click the circle next to "Zona Volleyball Club"
  8. Click on "Enroll"

If you are not currently registered with the Fry's Community Rewards Program, you can establish an account and enter your Fry's VIP card information and then follow the steps above.

Please note that you can do this anytime ON OR AFTER AUGUST 1st.  Once you have renewed, be sure to use your VIP card when you shop at any Fry's store (groceries, pharmacy, fuel) in Arizona.  

For more information about the Fry's program or any other fundraisers offered by Zona, please go to our FUNDRAISING page.

If you are NEW to the program, please be sure to email Michelle to inform her that you are participating.